Dental products in top “Made in Germany” quality

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Structur 2 SC

Fast setting time: less than 1 minute in the mouth Strong and wear-resistant Better esthetics: available in 8 popular shades Long-term color stability and composite-like polishability Quick and easy automix application: ideal bubble-free consistency Economical due to smallest possible tips: up to 40% less waste MMA-free: no unpleasent taste or smell Minimal shrinkage Low exothermic setting temperature

IonoStar Plus

Fast set time saves valuable chair time Does not stick to instrument for ease of application Two (2) stage consistency for easy adaption yet still packable Perfect wetting behavior for excellent marginal adaptation High translucency for better esthetic results Tooth-like fluorescence for better esthetic results Excellent physical properties support long-lasting restorations High fluoride release minimizes secondary caries

VisCalor bluk

Bulk-fill with 4mm depth of cure speeds up the procedure Easy-Access-Capsule with long and narrow tip for hard-to-reach areas and bubble-free application New TVT polymer technology combined with superior Nano-hybrid fillers for: fast viscosity change the ability to flow low shrinkage and excellent wear Monoblock concept: for one highly-filled material from bottom to top Safe to use: VisCalor bulk's temperature increase during application and polymerization stays within the normal range of pulpal physiology*