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Endo Motor(E-lite Pad)

Touch screen

Endo Motor (E-lite Max)

1. Battery: 3.7V/1500mAh 2. Adapter: 5V/1A, Micro USB 3. Revolving speed: 150~800 rpm 4. Torque: 0.6~3.9Ncm 5. Contra Angle: 16:1

Endo Motor(E-lite Pro)

1. Battey:3.7V/2000mAh 2. Rotational speed range:120-1000rpm, 3. Torque range:0.6-4.0N.cm 4. 330° adjustable Contra-angle 5. Memory programs:10(M0-M9)

Apex Locator(APEX -R)

1. Battery:3.7V/750mAh 2. Adapter: 5V/1A Micro USB 3. Screen: 3.2' LCD

HF Surg

Compact HF surgical device For scalpel-fine, pressureless cuts - the frequency shape enables cutting and cutting with coagulation to stop bleeding Fast and painless wound healing Maximum functionality and hygiene Simple operation with analog power controller and waveform switch Automatic map control of the output power, the output power is limited in the event of metal contact Handpiece and electrodes can be autoclaved at 134 ° C Scope of delivery: Device with foot switch, handpiece, 4 cutting electrodes (No. 40, No. 2, No. 15, No. 13) and a neutral electrode


Chewable tablet or solution Older plaque is revealed in blue, newer plaque in pink Proven in the dental practice for years Patient-friendly, helps with motivation Erythrosine- and gluten-free Discolourations can be removed by brushing teeth Easily to halve – one tablet sufficient for 2 applications

Curing light TQ8

1 second curing ! Rogin curing light–TQ8 has Powerful gathering light, international quality. We know quality and durability of any composite restoration is related to curing light device to be able to make complete curing of composite resin , so we developed a powerful and durable device for our beloved dentists around the world. Try our new device and let your restoration last longer with complete curing with our Rogin TQ8 curing light


Fogged up mirrors make intraoral photography time consuming and frustrating. The TRUEOPTICS™ handle, continuously blows a light steady flow of air across the mirror, eliminating the production of fog and the built in LED lights create fast, easy and brilliant optics.


Product description Bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing Indication - Intracanal medication in endodontic treatment of teeth with pulp necrosis and retreatments; - Intracanal medication in cases of perforations and external and internal resorptions, previously to the use of BIO-C REPAIR, MTA REPAIR HP and MTA ANGELUS; - Incomplete rhizogenesis.


The solution to immediate prostheses and splitting in Periodontics Product description Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin

Angelus Dental Porcelain Tooth Repair Kit

For the repair of porcelain and ceramic prostheses Kit with products for porcelain repair Advantage: High masking ability, light cure Excellent viscosity - can be applied with brushes, two shades - to match most cases

Voco Retraction paste

Introducing VOCO Retraction Paste, an astringent paste with aluminum chloride that effectively widens and dries the gingival sulcus, creating the ideal conditions for accurate and successful conventional or digital impressions. VOCO Retraction Paste features a custom-engineered capsule with a long, fine, flexible plastic tip rather than metal, that avoids damage to the gingiva and allows for precise application. Its 2-stage viscosity makes for simple application. First, the paste easily flows under low pressure out of the capsule into the sulcus with minimal extrusion force, then once in place its viscosity increases to remain stable as it temporarily widens the sulcus. At 0.3 g per cap, VOCO Retraction Paste capsules contains enough material for up to three teeth. Primarily used for the retraction of the marginal gingiva and moisture management of the gingival sulcus prior to analog or digital impressions, VOCO Retraction Paste can also be used to assist in the cementation of temporary and permanent restorations, and as preparation for Class II and V restorations. The material itself comes in a bright turquoise blue color, providing high contrast to tooth structure and gingiva, ensuring that the paste is visible and can be easily rinsed off after only 1 – 2 minutes. VOCO Retraction Paste can save up to 50% of the practitioner’s procedural time compared to other methods and brands, and it can be used as a replacement for, or in combination with a retraction cord.

Structur 2 SC

Fast setting time: less than 1 minute in the mouth Strong and wear-resistant Better esthetics: available in 8 popular shades Long-term color stability and composite-like polishability Quick and easy automix application: ideal bubble-free consistency Economical due to smallest possible tips: up to 40% less waste MMA-free: no unpleasent taste or smell Minimal shrinkage Low exothermic setting temperature

myQuickmat All-round introkit

myQuickmat All-round is the circumferential matrix system designed to perform anatomical posterior restorations of teeth with missing structures. The easy-to-use Quickmat All-round matrices enable restorations with naturally contoured anatomies and tight contact surfaces. Thanks to API (Autoclavable Placement Instrument), positioning Quickmat All-round matrices is stable and straightforward. API provides support and prevents the tensioning spool from tilting during matrix tightening. With myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system, you can comfortably treat challenging cases in the posterior region, working on an obstacle-free, accessible operating field. tooth isolation for core build-up

myQuickmat classico kit

This kit features Polydentia’s myRing Classico, a classic sectional matrix ring made of nickel titanium. advantages Optimal, gentle separation force for tight contacts Ring and Delta Tubes entirely autoclavable Excellent matrix adaptation and retention Complete assortment of matrices and wedges.

myQuickmat forte kit

Complete sectional matrix system kit developed to offer strong tooth separation in order to create excellent contact points in the restoration of Class II cavities.

myJunior Kit

myJunior kit is the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry, especially developed to suit smaller deciduous and young permanent teeth. It enables dentists to achieve predictable restorations and ideal contact surfaces. The kit offers child-friendly solutions that help saving chair-time and reduce the distress of children, allowing them to quickly return to their favourite activities. advantages 1-Child-friendly, safe to use, bright-coloured solutions. 2-User-friendly intuitive system. 3-Small sized restorative solutions that suits deciduous teeth. 4-Optimal separation force for tight contacts.

Unica anterior matrix

Unica anterior is the ideal matrix to perform direct class III, IV, V cavity restorations, and aesthetic restorations such as direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications of maxillary central incisors. advantages 1-Ultrathin stainless steel (0.03 mm) for tight contact surfaces. 2-It allows to reconstruct interproximal and cervical margins with a single matrix. 3-it enables highly predictable results. 4-simplified management of the cervical area: excellent predictability of the restoration and gingival retraction.

Unica minideep anterior matrix

Unica minideep anterior is the ideal matrix to perform direct class III, IV, V cavity restorations, and aesthetic restorations such as direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications of maxillary central incisors. Unica minideep anterior has been specifically developed to adapt to: • maxillary and mandibular lateral incisors • mandibular central incisors • conoid teeth • triangular teeth • peg laterals • teeth with narrow cervical diameter . advantages 1-ultrathin stainless steel (0.03 mm) for tight contact surfaces. 2-it allows to reconstruct interproximal and cervical margins with a single matrix. 3-it enables highly predictable results. 4-specifically designed to adapt to smaller anterior teeth. 5-made of malleable material for even greater adaptability.

Matrix strip

Stainless steel matrix strip. available in Content Matrix strip (0,05 mm / .002”) Dental matrix band Softrix 1- REF 5255 3 m thickness: 0.05 mm height: 5 mm Dental matrix band Softrix 2- REF 5256 3 m thickness: 0.05 mm height: 6 mm Dental matrix band Softrix 3- REF 5257 3 m thickness: 0.05 mm height: 7 mm

implantlink® semi Classic

Cement for fixing long-term temporary dentures on a resin base 4:1, for frictionlocked, chewing-stable cementing of superstructures. Undamaged removal by perfectly matched adhesive properties, significantly lower displacement resistance than conventional cements. Extremely low film thickness (8 µm) for maximum fitting accuracy, excess can be removed easily in large pieces during the plastic phase, does not adhere to soft tissue. Compatible with all material combinations, dual-curing, odour and taste-neutral. Medical device Cl. IIa. Colour: natural opaque


Ready-to-use filling material for provisional sealing. Setting in the mouth under the effect of saliva. Great adhesive strength in the cavity, excellent marginal sealing, easy to remove. Medical device Cl. IIa Colour: white opaque.

palfique LX5

Introducing the next generation ESTELITE Sigma Quick… PALFIQUE LX5. Delivering lifelike aesthetic restorations,infused with our Supra-Nano spherical fillers, that was engineered by Tokuyama Dental. Tokuyama Dental’s composite resin is recognized world-wide, and features outstanding polishabillity, wide shade matching range and high wear resistance. PALFIQUE LX5 can meet everything in your practice.

Estelite posterior

Composite for posterior restorations with highly resistant to abrasion and excellent physical properties, that prove ideal with direct restorations in Class I and II posterior cavities. Estelite Posterior is characterized by a short curing time (10 seconds), no color change before and after curing, therefore ensuring an unparallelled esthetic result.


Exceeds all ISO/ADA specifications High Quality Stainless Steel Hand use with endo stops Blister card packing 6 pieces/blister in lengths of 21 , 25 , 28 & 31 mm Color coded, ISO colors & sizes Excellent cutting ability thanks to Cr-Ni Steel with high cutting ability, precision cutting edges and unique grinding technique Flatter cutting angles towards the tip ensure high resistance to fracture Special steel alloy with Uniform structure for maximum resistance to fracture & flexibility The inactive tip conducts the instrument safely along the canal Sterilizable up to 200 C /390 F


Innovative diamond instruments for crown preparation Tapered Shoulder Flat Ended Rounded Corner Diamond Bur

Excavating H1SEM

Round, easy-to-cut cross teeth for low-vibration excavation. Slim neck for better visibility