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Estelite posterior

Composite for posterior restorations with highly resistant to abrasion and excellent physical properties, that prove ideal with direct restorations in Class I and II posterior cavities. Estelite Posterior is characterized by a short curing time (10 seconds), no color change before and after curing, therefore ensuring an unparallelled esthetic result.

Palfique Bulk flow

PALFIQUE® BULK FLOW is a light-cured, flowable bulk fill composite that utilizes Spherical filler technology (70% by weight / 56% by volume) to deliver simpler restorations with superior final results – no additional layer or composites needed up to 4mm. Higher shade, opacity, and glossiness offer greater esthetics, while higher compressive and flexural strength,higher wear resistance, lower shrinkage stress,and excellent cavity adaptation provide worry-free restorations that last.


Resin based dental restorative material


One-Shade Universal Composite


OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is indicated for: Preventing shade-matching interference in large Class III and Class IV restorations Masking amalgam staining OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is a supplementary material that can be used in conjunction with OMNICHROMA as a lingual layer to prevent shade-matching interference in these cases. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can also be used to mask staining, or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth. Masking dark dentition and dentin Reconstructing a highly opaque tooth


alfique Asteria introduces a new simplified 2-step layering concept. This comprehensive system is comprised of minimal shades; just 7 Body shades and 5 Enamel shades cover the entire dental shade range. Esthetic result is obtained with simple 2-layering concept of Palfique Asteria, because the Body shades replicate chroma and hue and Enamel shades replicate value.