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H4MC – the crown cutter for metal and ceramics. Designed for cutting all commonly used metal alloys, titanium and veneers made of low fusion ceramics.

4ZR Burs crown cutter specially developed for zirconium oxide.

These crown cutters for all ceramic restorations have been developed particularly for this tedious and hard job. The special bonding leads to much better substance removal and a longer service life.


carbide crown cutters comprise heads made ​​of high-density fine-grain carbide with special precision-cut, sharp blades. Sprung steel shanks permit vibration-free work, and outstanding smooth running is the best basis for a long service lif


Crown cutter for processing non-precious metal and soft ceramics. The heads are made of high-density fine-grain carbide, ground particularly precisely with sharp cutting edges and low-vibration thanks to spring steel