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Sofreliner Tough is a multi-award, self-cure chairside soft denture reline material, providing patient comfort and satisfaction up to two years in one short, simple application. Sofreliner Tough is suitable for relining upper, lower, partial or full dentures, as well as those that need relief for irritated tissues after surgery, teeth extraction, or implant procedures.


Protective sealant for tretment of hypersensitive dentin 1 Application (30s) Treating sensitivity with Shield Force Plus is a simple, 30-second procedure: Apply, Air-dry & Light-cure. Shield Force Plus applies green, dry translucent for enhanced visibility during application. Use before any bonding procedure to improve bond strength.

Bleachin Smile Automix

For teeth whitening in your dental practice. You get the 35% whitening gel, Dental Dam and the remineralizing cream.

Antivet kit

Dental Enamel Cleaning Kit Antivet Kit is the perfect ally for eliminating stains due to fluorosis, smoking tobacco, or drinking dark sodas, and/or coffee. It is also recommended as a pre-ortho treatment in order to obtain better bracket adhesion to teeth affected by fluorosis.

Blue Red Radar Articulating Paper

Radar Articulating Paper Extra sensitive articulating paper for correct bite control.

Xxxthin blue red radar

40 microns thickness guarantees absolute pin-point precision in marking any high spot, occlusion and articulation. This paper also gives better markings in the humid environment of the patient’s mouth. XXX thin Radar retain the full arch horseshoe shape and half arch curved shape and the double quality of blue colour on one side and red on the other side and the non-smear clean grip, which is uncoloured, just like the Blue Red Radar classic.