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Application: root canal preparation The opener was specially developed for the generous expansion of the sewer entrance area. Flexible right up to the tip, it adapts perfectly to any canal anatomy and reliably frees the coronal third of the root canal from bacteria.


The creation of a glide path is indispensable for ensuring successful endodontic treatments. This step facilitates the correct estimation of the anatomy of the root canal, thus ensuring that the subsequently used files for root canal preparation work safely and efficiently. The glide path can be created manually or mechanically — Komet offers a complete solution for both options.

Endo Rescue Kit 4601

The fracture of an instrument during an endodontic treatment not only causes the dentist enormous stress, it also poses an increased risk of post-endodontic complications to the patient. The removal of such fragments is often extremely difficult and almost impossible to plan.


EasySeal 9978.000

Permanentes Wurzelfüllmaterial auf Epoxid-Polymer-Basis 9 g Minimix-Spritze Inkl. 20 Mixing Tips und 20 Endo Tips EasySeal Permanent root filling material on the basis of epoxy polymer 9 g minimix syringe Incl. 20 mixing tips and 20 endo tips