Exceeds all ISO/ADA specifications High Quality Stainless Steel Hand use with endo stops Blister card packing 6 pieces/blister in lengths of 21 , 25 , 28 & 31 mm Color coded, ISO colors & sizes Excellent cutting ability thanks to Cr-Ni Steel with high cutting ability, precision cutting edges and unique grinding technique Flatter cutting angles towards the tip ensure high resistance to fracture Special steel alloy with Uniform structure for maximum resistance to fracture & flexibility The inactive tip conducts the instrument safely along the canal Sterilizable up to 200 C /390 F
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Cleaning and shaping of the root canal during root canal treatment

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With the EndoGuard, the course is set for success right from the start of the endodontic treatment. The creation of a perfect access cavity is the foundation of any successful endodontic treatment, which is why this phase often takes more time and effort than the subsequent preparation of the root canal. Used immediately after opening the pulp chamber, the EndoGuard made by Komet helps to carry out this step with optimum efficiency and in perfect safety


Round diamonds for cavity preparation The opening of the cavity and the initial preparation are noticeably simplified with the help of these structured diamond instruments. The use of S-Diamonds is highly recommended for increased efficiency. Their particular features make structured diamond instruments especially suitable for a gentle treatment.


Carbide burs Product description: Conical, long Tapered long Application:cavity preparation

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Round diamonds for cavity preparation