Oral Hygiene

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effervescent mouthwash and gargle, for the effective removal of debris during and after dental treatment and is ideal for prophylactic home treatment.

tgProphy Paste

Mint flavour prophylaxis paste

Prophy Brushes

bowl shape - nylon


Adhesive wound protection paste based on cellulose Applied directly to wounds, seams and pressure points Keeps bacteria away and supports the healing process Remains for up to 30 hours and dissolves on its own Ideal for protecting wounds and sutures in implantology, periodontology, after extractions, in orthodontics and prosthetics Excellent as a drug carrier Remaining soft - tasteless - odorless

Miradont® gel

Micronutrient gel for intensive oral care Accompanying canker sores and mouth lesions Regenerating and revitalizing For irritated and stressed oral mucosa Without the addition of alcohol, saccharin, menthol and preservatives

miradent mirafluor® (k) gel

Fluoride gel for intensive caries prophylaxis Strengthens the enamel Inhibits plaque build-up Accelerates remineralization miradent mirafluor-gel with 1.23% fluoride miradent mirafluor-k-gel with 0.615% fluoride is particularly suitable for children