Temporary cements

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tgCemtemp NE

tgCemTemp is a Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement Indications Temporary cementation of provisional and permanent crowns bridges


tgimplaCem is the most up-to-date developed luting cement, dual curing, semi-permanent, resin based occlusally stable specially developed for implant-retained restorations and all super structures such as crowns and bridges. tgimplaCem is suitable with all material combinations.

implantlink® semi Classic

Cement for fixing long-term temporary dentures on a resin base 4:1, for frictionlocked, chewing-stable cementing of superstructures. Undamaged removal by perfectly matched adhesive properties, significantly lower displacement resistance than conventional cements. Extremely low film thickness (8 µm) for maximum fitting accuracy, excess can be removed easily in large pieces during the plastic phase, does not adhere to soft tissue. Compatible with all material combinations, dual-curing, odour and taste-neutral. Medical device Cl. IIa. Colour: natural opaque

tempofit® regular 1:1

Standard bis-acrylic-composite 1:1, self-curing, for accurate temporary prosthetics. Natural translucent tooth aesthetics, with long-term colour stabiliser. Highly resistant to bending and breaking, very abrasion-resistant. High initial hardness, short curing time. Easy removal due to elastic phase, low polymerisation temperature. Optimal processing (grinding, polishing), neutral taste. Direct application with the Automix2-System. Medical device Cl. IIa Colours: A1, A2


Ready-to-use filling material for provisional sealing. Setting in the mouth under the effect of saliva. Great adhesive strength in the cavity, excellent marginal sealing, easy to remove. Medical device Cl. IIa Colour: white opaque.